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Mississippi Folklife Area & Stage

The Mississippi Folklife Area & Stage will celebrate and showcase the traditions held deeply in the state's diverse communities. With a different theme each year, the Folklife Area will shine a spotlight on the distinctive music, rituals, crafts, occupations, foodways, and other traditions at the heart of Mississippi's cultural heritage, expressing both the state’s deep history and its evolving character.

From the Gulf Coast to the Delta and the Prairie to the hill country, this area will present the best traditional musicians, artisans, and foods in Mississippi, in curated programs that celebrate the state’s rich, diverse, and distinctive culture. Performances, demonstrations, displays, exhibits, and narrative presentations will explore a wide range of topics, including the traditions of its First Peoples, the cultural legacies of families who have called the state home for generations, and the expressions of the newest Mississippi residents whose cultural roots are in far-flung places around the globe.

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