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Hosting the National

Imagine transforming your city into a vibrant celebration of music, dance, and art from across America that can bring 100,000 event goers and generate tens of millions in economic impact. The nation’s longest running traditional arts event—the National Folk Festival—can take root in the heart of your community.


See your city streets flourish with an arts celebration that has been a successful catalyst for urban renewal and revitalization efforts in the communities it has touched across the country.

Share the richness of your local culture and expose your community to cultural traditions they might never have the opportunity to experience.

Through its partnership with the host city, the National Folk Festival is an economic and cultural powerhouse that unites communities in renewing civic pride, strengthening community collaborations, and spurring investments in community infrastructure. Residents, civic leaders, funders, and festival visitors alike will be enticed to explore other opportunities with the host city by this powerful, transformative, and collaborative community celebration.

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Brochure cover featuring images of artists and performers from the National Folk Festival

The National Folk Festival was, hands down, the best outdoor musical event I can remember being staged in Richmond... A home run for Richmond... As one festival goer said, he'd 'never saw so many happy people on one place'
– Richmond Times-Dispatch

Lowell, MA hosted the National from 1987-89.
With an average annual attendance of 175,000 it has become one of New England's most important cultural events
The 69th National Folk Festival in Richmond, VA attracted a record 175,000 in 2007
In 2022 the Richmond Folk Festival smashed records and drew 230,000 to the festival
In Butte, Montana (pop. 35,000), 165,000 attended the 72nd National Folk Festival in 2010, a number equal to 13% of the state's entire population. 

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